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Kitty in the Box 2 1.1 APK forAndroid Free Download

Kitty in the Box 2 1.1 APK For Android

Author/ Developer             Mokuni LLC
Apk Version                        1.1
Apk Size                              62.43 Mb
Apk                                        Free

Screen Shots Kitty in the Box 2 1.1


The Description of  Kitty inthe Box 2 1.1

·         The sequel to the much beloved Kitty In The Box is finally here! This time with EASIER CONTROLS, CHALLENGING LEVELS and CUTER KITTIES!!!
·         BACKSTORY
·         Have you ever wondered why cats love boxing so much? No, not the sport with gloves, the REAL boxing where you jump into as many boxes as possible! You know, that thing that cats do when you buy them this amazing cat castle and work so hard to assemble them… only to realize your cat is only interested in the box. Seriously, why do they do that? Who decided that "if I fits, I sits"?
·         The legend can be traced back to Sushi -- Now back then boxes weren't so popular, but to Sushi, a lonely kitty with no friends, boxes are wonderful things. With a little imagination, boxes can transport her to a whole new world (plus they feel AMAZING in her tubby body).
·         One fateful day Sushi discovers a box like no other. Inside it glowed something mysterious. Who would have thought THIS box would ACTUALLY transport her to a new world?
·         Transported into this new world where cats roam free in their own without hoo-mans, Sushi meets a peculiar cat named Master Pan. He stands on his hind legs and uses his front legs to express himself instead of the rest of his body.
·         "You must be the chosen one!" He proclaims as he assigns Sushi a mission:!

[Kitty in the Box 2 1.1/ What is New]

·         1. Sardine Dash Mode added! Collect as many sardines in one pounce!
·         2. Players can now claim Free Gifts by watching an ad.
·         3. Two new achievements added.
·         4. Adjusted some levels’ difficulty.
·         5. Minor adjustments and bug fixes.

[System Requirements]

·        Andriod 4.4 And Up  
·        RAM 512+
·        Disk Space 100 mb+

[Apps Features]

·         Intuitive controls: Catapult your kittycat by tapping and pulling back like a slingshot.
·         Handcrafted levels that require you to think outside the box (hah, get it?)
·         Elaborately designed themes and challenging achievements
·         Cute and beautiful graphics topped with adorable music and sound design (we recommend you hear their adorable meows and reactions as you slingshot them into the air)
·         Other Kitty friends, like the ginger cat, and pink cat, and dog cat (that one looks like a husky)
·         And Lovely costumes for your kittycat - ranging from hats, vests, glasses, flower pots and more!

Android  4.4 And Up

Update on: Feb-2017

[Download Links]

·        Download From Google play
·        Download Here
[Download old version]
·        Download Here

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